Elementary Report Cards

New Elementary Report Cards for 22-23!

This school year we are launching new report cards for elementary schools. The process of revising the report cards has spanned several months, and has incorporated the feedback of OUSD teachers and families. To support the transition to the new report cards, central office is providing various support resources, including teacher guidance documents, office hours for teachers, video tutorials, and guidance documents for families.

Best Practices for Standards-Based Grading

Time Saving Tips (Mass Add Marks and View Missing Marks)

Why do we use standards-based report cards?

  • Standards-based facilitate family partnerships and student ownership of learning.

  • Standards-based report cards provide specific feedback so student can set and work towards learning goals.

  • Standards-based report cards communicate strengths and areas of growth for each student.

Why have we updated elementary report cards?

The new elementary report cards were designed to be simpler and easier to understand. In feedback sessions, teachers asked for more family-friendly language, and requested the ability to assess specific skills that align to grade-level standards.

What is different about the new report cards?

These are some important changes to the new report cards:

  • Teachers can now assess specific skills aligned to grade level standards.

  • The effort mark has been eliminated.

  • There is now a short section for technology skills.

What was the process to revise the report cards?

  • All OUSD elementary teachers were invited to participate in a feedback session in March 2022. Participating teachers provided specific feedback and requests.

  • A focus group of OUSD families also provided feedback about report cards.

  • Central office staff compiled teacher and family feedback to create new report cards.

  • OEA leadership provided feedback on the new report cards, along with recommendations to support teachers.

What supports are available to teachers?

  • During the report card grading period (beginning on 10/7/22 for the end of Trimester 1), central office will offer office hours via Zoom on Monday 10/17, 10/24, and 10/31 to answer questions.

  • Detailed teacher guidance is available for each grade level report card, helping teachers to assess each skill. (See links in the left sidebar.)

  • Central office has posted a tutorial video with time-saving tips on completing report cards.

  • Family guidance for report cards in multiple languages will be available to help families understand the report cards.

  • The Report Card Comment Tool is available to help teachers quickly create report card comments.