What is Sora? 

Sora is an app that lets all students in OUSD access audiobooks and ebooks from the district library collection and the Oakland Public Library.  All OUSD students are able to sign into Sora on their laptop, phone or tablet using their Clever Account. You do not need a library card to use Sora.

Three reasons to share Sora with your students TODAY! 

How do teachers and students access Sora? 

Teachers and students can access Sora through Clever on any device!

How can I help students and families use Sora?

Sora Support 

Watch the Intro to Sora Webinar 

Recorded 2/9/21 (30:47)  View slides for this webinar here

Need additional support?

How to Borrow a Book (video; 0:34) 

How to Return a Book (video; 1:24)