OrbitNote is part of the Read&Write family and works on PDF files. Some of the tools have the same function as the Read&Write toolbar, and others are specfic for OrbitNote use. You can save annotations using OrbitNote and share them with others and can be shared directly into Google Classroom and Schoology. Ideas for use: pdf files of worksheets, researching and reading pdf files online, or when collaborating with peers for an assignment.

Introducing OrbitNote Video

OrbitNote & Google Classroom - video

OrbitNote & Schoology - video 

OrbitNote Tools

Click to Speak 

Reads one sentence at a time out loud by simply clicking on it. When feature is on, the button is highlighted in pink. Click again to turn off. 

Text to Speech - Play

Reads text aloud with dual color highlighting and natural sounding voices. To use, select some text and press the play button. 

Talking Dictionary

Provides definitions to improve comprehension and writing. Definitions can even be read aloud. Highlight a word and click the icon. Click the Play button next to each definition to have it read aloud. 

Dictionary Overview - YouTube (1:00)

Picture Dictionary

Displays images from Widgit® Symbols to help support fluency and understanding. 

Picture Dictionary Overview - YouTube (1:00)

Screenshot Reader

Converts inaccessible text to accessible text through OCR. Click the icon and then drag your mouse to draw a rectangle around any inaccessible text, to OCR on demand. 

Screenshot Reader Overview - YouTube (1:03)


Allows single words to be translated into a wide selection of languages. Language can be selected in the Options menu. 

Translator Overview - YouTube (1:21)

Vocabulary List

Builds vocabulary lists in a Google Doc, including selected words, dictionary definitions, images from Widgit Symbols, and an editable notes column. Use colored highlighters to select words, then click icon to create vocabulary list in new Google Doc. 

Vocabulary Overview - YouTube (1:01)

Screen Masking

Tints your screen and provides a reading light that follows your mouse pointer, to help improve focus. Customize color, opacity, and other options from the Options menu. Use the floating control box for easy access to options or to turn this feature off. 

Screen Masking Overview - YouTube (0:51)


Allows users to highlight and color code sections of text on a page, to facilitate summarizing, categorizing and higher order skills. Highlight some text, and then click the Highlighter icon to choose from four colors. Select some highlights and click the Erase icon to remove. 

Highlight Overview - YouTube (0:58)

Collect Highlights

Collects your highlights into a new Google Doc. Select which colors to collect, as well as how to sort them. 

Highlights Overview - YouTube (0:58)

Shapes Drawing

Allows you to draw circles, squares, rectangles and lines with customizable colors and line thickness. Click on any shape to delete or reposition on the page. 

Freehand Drawing

Allows you to scribble or freehand draw on touch device or with your mouse. Includes Undo and Redo options to use while drawing. 


Click and drag to erase both freehand drawing and shapes from your document. 

Text Annotation 

Allows you to type directly on your document. Great for note-taking and completing worksheets. Click the icon and then click where'd you like to place your annotation. Click away to save the annotation. 

Pushpin Annotation 

Allows you to insert notes, instructions or helpful hints on your document. Leaves a red pushpin icon wherever the annotation was made. Click the icon and then click where'd you like to place your annotation. Click away to save the annotation. 

Insert Image

Allows you to insert an image or GIF from your computer, Google Drive, or OneDrive. Once inserted, you can resize and reposition as needed. 

Digital Signature 

Click to insert your signature into a PDF. Draw your signature in the signature box, using the undo and trash options as needed. Then click to insert and position on the page. Once you've signed, you'll need to download and save a new copy of the PDF in order to retain the signature.

Math Tools 

Insert math directly into your document. The Math Tools feature, powered by Equatio, gives students access to tools that allow them to view and respond to math and STEM problems, in a PDF worksheet. Saving you time, and allowing students the freedom to respond to math in a way that suits them best.

Math Tools- YouTube (1:49)