School Data Tech Leads (SDTLs)

SDTL Role & Responsibilities

SDTLs by Site 2021-2022

School Data Tech Lead Responsibilities - Stipend information included

SDTL Training Sessions

SDTL Monthly Support Sessions

10.19.21 Common Sense Media Training (Recording I Slides)

#OaklandUndivided Communications

  1. #OU Back to School Memo- District communication with key updates for 2021-2022 and expectations for students, families, teachers, and staff.

  2. #OU Beginning of Year Action Plan - Teacher - Keep teachers in the know with this one-pager. Pro-tip: Print out student email address lists as references for your teachers when they help families with the Tech Check Survey.

  3. #OU FAQs

  4. #OU Beginning of Year PD Slide Deck - Take 8 minutes to inform and invest your staff in our collective mission to close the digital divide with these ready-to-use slides.

  5. #OaklandUndivided Back-to-School Updates for Phase II (2021-2022)

  6. #OU Beginning of Year Action Plan- Principal- This has a timeline and action items that may help define the key tasks and outreach strategies for getting the Tech Check and devices out to families.


Do you have a student with a permanent #OaklandUndivided computer? Are they having issues with Zoom? It may be that Zoom needs to be updated. This is something they can do by following these quick and easy steps!

How to install/update Zoom on a Chromebook

Tips from School Data Tech Leads


Source: Phil Williams, SDTL at Sankofa United, Edna Brewer, Oakland Tech

Sankofa United: Leveraging After School programming

  • More than half the students are in After School

  • Phil labels devices and checks each out in Aeries

  • After School staff give the devices to an adult who has to sign the child out for pick-up in the afternoon

  • For students not in After School, Phil coordinates with the Teacher about the best pick-up method, which is often at the end of school traffic circle pickup

Edna Brewer: Leveraging Advisory

  • Advisory is 4 days a week (M,T,TH,F)

  • Phil labels devices and checks each out in Aeries

  • Devices are brought to the Advisory teacher to provide to the student

  • Phil follows up with teacher to confirm distribution

Oakland Tech: Leveraging Advisory

  • Advisory is twice a week (W,F)

  • Phil labels devices and checks each out in Aeries

  • Devices are brought to the Advisory teacher to provide to the student

  • Phil follows up with teacher to confirm distribution

Phil also sends a message to each family so they know the device is available for pick-up and directs them to the multi-language OUSD Offsite Loan Agreement. They each get a copy of the OUSD Offsite Loan Agreement in English and Spanish attached to the device.

Device Distribution

Scanning Devices in Aeries

OUSD Offsite Loan Agreement (no signature required)

Tableau Dashboards

Dashboards will updated daily to inform device distribution. If you do not have access, please contact

Tech Support Hotlines

OUSD Hotline: 510-879-1211

    • OUSD loaner Chromebooks

    • OUSD loaner hotspots

    • Site-based distribution of devices

    • Instructional technology (Clever, ed tech apps, assessment)

    • Scanners

    • Aeries (U1, scanning devices)

    • Teacher Chromebooks and hotspots

Tech Exchange: 510-866-2260

    • All hardware issues for #OaklandUndivided Chromebooks

    • Basic hardware issues for OUSD loaned Chromebooks

    • Hotspot connectivity issues

    • Setting up home broadband (Comcast Internet Essentials)

    • Support families with completing the Tech Check survey

Common Forms

Device Pick-Up Form (OUSD)- Duplicate/extra district-loaned Chromebooks and/or hotspots

Device Pick-Up Request (Tech Exchange)- Leftover undistributed permanent #OaklandUndivided Chromebooks from 2020-2021

OUSD Offsite Loan Agreement (multiple languages)- print and hand out with loaner devices (does not require signature)


ParentSquare Training Slide Deck

Troubleshooting Support for SDTLs

Surface Laptops

The Microsoft Surface Laptop is provided to teachers by the district. To receive a laptop, email the helpdesk and request a Surface Laptop. A helpdesk team member will reach out to you for further information and will schedule an appointment for you to pick up your laptop. You must have an OUSD email address.

Visit our Teacher Central Surface Laptop webpage to familiarize yourself with your new device, your responsibilities to protect student data, and responsible use of the internet. The Surface Laptop runs the Windows operating system.

Aeries Editing Access for SDTLs

SDTLs will now have access to Aeries to be able to scan devices!

For SDTL's who are teachers they have additional accounts created for them. They will need to login with the aeries sign in (not with the Google sign in). See screen shot for what Aeries sign in looks like. The username is firstname.lastname and pw: first initial+lastname.

If you are not a teacher, SDTLs will login with Google. This has already been set up as no additional accounts had to be created.