Use the Clever Portal to help your students easily find and log into online learning programs.

What is Clever?

Clever is a secure pipeline between OUSD data and the learning applications that you and your students use. Clever provides applications with all the information they need to be seamlessly set up for your school to use.

Clever single sign-on (SSO) allows users to log into applications with a single set of credentials, configured at the district level. With the ease of only one username and password, Clever can help save you and your students time. Students and teachers can open their devices, sign into the Clever Portal, and click on their connected applications to automatically access the online learning program.

How can I access my Clever account? 

You should be able to sign in through the Clever OUSD portal at Use the "Log in with Google" button. If prompted, use your OUSD login credentials. If you need to access Clever non-teaching staff member, send a helpdesk ticket to

How can I learn more about Clever?

Clever Resources for Teachers

For Teachers: Intro to Clever Badges

For Teachers: Clever Badges - Printing

For Teachers: Teacher Pages

For teachers: Library - adding applications

Clever Resources for School Tech Leads and Distance Learning Leads

For School Tech Leads: Badges

For School Tech Leads: Clever Portal - Editing and customizing

For School Tech Leads: Custom Sections

For School Tech Leads: Troubleshooting - Student & teacher login errors


Intro to Clever Course with video tutorials on Teacher Central

Clever Help Center with searchable article database

Note about the beginning of the school year:

Classroom teachers should have their Aeries rosters already in Clever. New teachers may not be able to access Clever until they are fully onboarded. Teachers without rostered classes in Aeries (i.e. RSP, intervention, or prep teachers) may need special setup. For support, or issues with Clever login, send a helpdesk ticket to

This document explains How to Log into Clever at Home and includes a Spanish translation. You can share this document with parents..