Report Card Comment Tool

The Report Card Comment Tool is a spreadsheet based tool designed to quickly create report card comments. Watch the video below to find out how to use it, or scroll further down for written instructions. There is also a feedback option at the bottom. We'd love to hear from our incredible OUSD teachers on what we can do to make the tool even better!

New for 2022-23: They/them pronouns for non-binary students.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW:  The links below will prompt you to make a copy of each file so that you can create your own editable copy.

Report Card Comment Tool - 1st Trimester  

Report Card Comment Tool - 2nd Trimester  

Report Card Comment Tool - 3rd Trimester  

How do I use it?

There are three sheets to the tool:

Input – where you enter most or all of your input

Sentences – shows generated sentences, and allows input of additional sentences

Full Comment – shows the full comment, plus a Spanish translation next to it

On the Input sheet, start by entering first and last names of your students. In the other columns, click on the arrows to see the drop down options.  You may also enter your own option for comments, but make sure that your comment matches the grammatical structure of the other drop down options.

When you are finished with the Input sheet, your full comments will appear on the Full Comment sheet. You also have the option of adding additional sentences on the Sentences Sheet.

How can I customize the drop down menu options?

To change drop down menu options:

How can I change the other text in the comments?

Changing the other text is trickier, but it can be done. The other text is embedded in the formulas on the Sentences page, and if you try to modify these formulas, there’s a chance that you will break the functionality of the formulas. If you feel that you know what you’re doing, feel free, but contact me if you need help. I can also help you or your team add additional sentences.  Click here to send an email to Chinn’s YouTube channel with more resources and articles: Super Schoolhouse on YouTube