School Data Tech Lead Onboarding

Who Should Participate

  • If your name is on this list

  • If you support technology at your site or at multiple school sites

Onboarding Process

School Data Tech Leads are centrally funded. These onboarding activities will help you perform the tasks required of this role. To complete the onboarding process you will need to do the following:

  • Review the materials provided in each activity

  • Submit the SDTL: Check for Understanding at the end

    • The SDTL: Check of Understanding Form tracks completion of the onboarding process

For NEW SDTLs: Please complete all activities (required)

For RETURNING SDTLs: You may review all the activities as a refresher, but we also included Slide and Recording information for key updates to note.

ALL SDTLS: You are required to take the Check for Understanding


Using the Tech Access Dashboard to View Checkout Data

SDTL Support

Please schedule a 1:1 session with us using the following links:

Instructional Technology Tech Support: Kelleth Chinn

Device Distribution/Outreach Tech Support: Kyleigh Nevis

Activity 1: Overview of Role (30 min)

Task: Review the following slide presentation:

If you are a returning SDTLs:

Activity 2: Instructional Technology (60 min)

Task: Review the following one of the following slide presentations, depending on your site:

Activity 3: Hardware Management & Troubleshooting (30 min)

Task: Review the following two slide presentations:

Task: Bookmark these documents that guide you through troubleshooting hardware issues (5 minutes):

If you are a returning SDTLs:

Activity 4: Communication (30 min)

Task: Complete the Admin Training modules (Sections 1-4) in ParentSquare.

Task: Review the slide deck.

Activity 5: Digital Literacy (30 min)

Task: Review the following slide presentation:

This is a presentation that is both teacher-facing and family-facing, and including many links to external resources. Feel free to make a copy and modify for your needs, or use the linked resources.

Check for Understanding

Task: Complete Check for Understanding


SDTL Office Hours:

Office hours will be offered starting starting August 18th. Weekly Office Hours for SDTLs and Admin Assistants

Thursdays @ 4pm (Zoom Link)

Parent Square:

  • ParentSquare Leadership Institute

    1. Slide 7 includes training options, self-paced modules, pre-recorded webinar, and summer camp. I'd HIGHLY recommend that you have your STLs complete the Admin 101.

    2. Slide 24 has training options for teachers.

    3. Slide 25 might also be relevant for your folks, there I've made recommendations for principals about what to include in their site-base PD

  • ParentSquare Office Hours: Weekly on Mondays 11-12. Details and Zoom links are in the last slide of presentation.