Britannica School

Britannica School is a differentiated online encyclopedia (K-12), with articles available in different reading levels. This online resource also includes a Spanish version, and accompanying videos.

How do my students access Britannica School?

Britannica School is provided free for all students in California by the state. The best way to access it outside of campus wifi is through Clever

How can my students access Britannica School in Spanish?

Log into Britannica School though Clever. Click Your Britannica Resources (in the top right corner). Select Escolar Online.  

How can I use Britannica School to support my students?

Teachers can create and view lesson plans by clicking on My Content along the top of the page. Teachers can save content they want to use for their class by marking it as a favorite.

Teachers can curate Resource Packs where they can collect and organize Britannica Content and then share it with their students. Links to resource packs can be shared to Google Classroom with a link provided by Britannica. 

Britannica School - Guided Tour pdf

Access to Differentiated Materials 

When students use Clever to log into Britannica School or Britannica Escolar they have the option of selecting the level of materials that will serve them best. 

Access to Teacher and Student Resources

Britannica Education offers a variety of resources that can be used by teachers and students. This webpage lists all resources available. 

What types of resources can students find in Britannica School?

Britannica School includes the ability to filter search results by article, image, video, dictionary entries, magazine articles, websites, and primary sources/ebooks. Content can also be filtered by level.  Britannica School designates Level 1 as elementary,  level 2 as middle school, and level 3 as high school.  Britannica School also offers the ability to filter by lexile level.