Tech for Teachers 101

Part 2 - Hardware and Other Info

Here you can find info about about physical tech and other tech topics. If you are a new hire, you will need to complete onboarding before you can receive devices or use the resources in this section

Surface Laptops

The Microsoft Surface Laptop is provided to teachers by the district.  To receive a laptop, email the helpdesk and request a Surface Laptop. A helpdesk team member will reach out to you  for further information and will schedule an appointment for you to pick up your laptop. You must have an OUSD email address.

Visit our Teacher Central Surface Laptop webpage to familiarize yourself with your new device, your responsibilities to protect student data, and responsible use of the internet. The Surface Laptop runs the Windows operating system.

Software Installation on Your OUSD Device

There is software available for you to install on your OUSD device,  free of charge, including Adobe Creative Cloud Apps, and the Microsoft Suite. These programs are installed from Software Center (Windows) or Self Serve (Macs).  Installation is not available for personal devices. 

Look for these programs in your Start or Applications menu or search for them by name.  Once you log in, all software licensed by the district is available for you to download and use.  Follow this link to a short video to show you how to do it.

Peripheral Devices

Your may need or want to use the following devices, which can be provided by your school site.

In addition, you might be interested in using a mouse, stylus, or second monitor. These items may be available to you for free, subject to availability. For these items, you can email the OUSD HelpDesk at


Wifi is available throughout the district.  Starting in August 2021, we recommend that you login to the OUSD Staff network using your district username and password to receive the best performance.  Before August 2021, and if you have a personal device, you may use the Instruct2 network.  The Instruct2 is our guest network, the password is donottell1.  Student Chromebooks use the OUSD Chromebook network and automatically join to wifi.

Student vs. Staff Accounts

Staff accounts are differentiated from student accounts as all student accounts are preceded with s_.  

For example, student account names will look like this: or

Numbers are used when multiple OUSD users have the same name.  Most OUSD students do not have active email accounts, with email activation most common at the secondary level.  Passwords have been set to their student ID number.  When emailing staff or students, the s_ will indicate the invidual is a student.


Your OUSD email account is a Gmail account though Google. You can access your email at