Admin Assistant


Who Should Participate

  • If you did NOT opt out of the role

  • If you and your principal agreed that you will be supporting this role for part of the school year or for the entire school year

  • If you are SEIU

Onboarding Process

Supporting technology distribution and outreach at your school site is voluntary. Those that are participating will receive a stipend. These onboarding activities will help you perform the required tasks. To complete the onboarding process you will need to do the following:

  • Review the materials provided in each activity

    • Slide presentations are being updated so they are excellent resources

  • Submit the Admin Assistant: Check for Understanding at the end

Weekly office hours for Admin Assistants will be offered on Tuesdays at 2pm starting August 23rd (Zoom Link -


Processes are being updated! Emails will be sent out with any important changes and information and resource documents will be modified to reflect current practices.

Activity 1: Overview of Role (30 min)

WATCH: Overview of the Role (15 minutes)

REVIEW: Activity 1: Overview of the Role (5 minutes)

  • This slide deck is continuously updated-- Refer to this presentation as a resource

REVIEW: Overview of the Affordable Connectivity Program (10 minutes)

Activity 2: Device Distribution (30 min)

REVIEW: Check-Out Process One-Pager (15 minutes)

WATCH: How to Check out a Device (5 minutes)

WATCH: Navigating the Tech Access Dashboard (5 minutes)

REVIEW: Activity 2: Device Distribution (5 minutes)

  • This slide deck is continuously updated-- Refer to this presentation as a resource

  • Added 8/18: Slide 15- Communication to Families for Device Pick Up

Activity 3: Device Collection (30 min)

WATCH: Device Collection (15 minutes)

REVIEW: Activity 3: Device Collection (5 minutes)

  • This slide deck is continuously updated-- Refer to this presentation as a resource

REVIEW: For Families: How to Complete Online Data Confirmation/Back-to-School Forms (5 minutes)

  • Slide 10: Authorizations

  • To Change Responses (all responses except income can be modified)

    • 1) Login

    • 2) Tap Menu

    • 3) Go to Student Information > Data Confirmation

DO: Bookmark the following (not sure how? How to bookmark in Chrome) (5 minutes)

Check for Understanding

Important Changes

We will only be distributing to students who meet the following 2 requirements:

  1. They have home digital access needs captured in Data Confirmation (Authorizations) in Aeries

  2. They DO NOT have a device already checked out to them

Manifests with a list of students receiving devices for that week will be provided the week of. Lists are alphabetical by school and view-only. There are two tabs: Chromebooks and Hotspots

Important Resources

RESOURCE: ​2022-2023 Device Distribution Schedule Based on Tech Authorizations​ (DOC)

WHEN TO USE: When someone asks you when they will receive their device. So long as they (1) indicate a computer or internet need in the Authorizations and (2) do not have a device already checked out to them, they will receive a device in the Week of column if they completed their Authorization (or updated them) during the date range provided.

RESOURCE:​ ​Guide: How Parents Can Update Data Confirmation/Authorizations(DOC)​

WHEN TO USE:​ When parents ask how to update their responses in the Authorizations because they completed it incorrectly or their student has had a change in home digital access. If you need to provide this document to a parent, please make a copy.

​RESOURCE: Aeries Data Confirmation- How to Emulate a Parent Account​(VIDEO)​​

WHEN TO USE:​ If a parent has a Parent Portal account but does not know how to update the Authorizations, you can do it for them by emulating them.

​RESOURCE: How to Data Confirmation for a Student if the Parent Does Not have a Parent Portal Account: (VIDEO skip to 40.00-49.00)

WHEN TO USE: If a parent does not have Parent Portal account, you can help them with Data Confirmation and responding to the Authorizations by emulating them in a slightly different way. This is more complex.

​RESOURCE: Parent Outreach Flyer (DOC- Multiple Languages)

​WHEN TO USE: When parents ask how they can get a device for their student.


Common Forms

Device Pick-Up Form (OUSD)- Duplicate/extra district-loaned Chromebooks and/or hotspots

Device Pick-Up Request (Tech Exchange)- Leftover undistributed permanent #OaklandUndivided Chromebooks from 2020-2022

Access to Tableau Dashboards- Complete if you do not have access to the Tech Access Dashboard

Onboarding Slide Decks

Activity 1: Overview of Admin Opportunity

Activity 2: Device Distribution

Activity 3: Device Collection

Reference Materials

Clerical One-Pager Cheat Sheet

Intro Letter/Reminders for Site Admins

OUSD Offsite Loan Agreement (multiple languages)- Print and hand out with loaner devices (does not require signature)

Admin Opportunity Presentation 8.1.22