Raz-Kids provides a leveled, online library of books, along with comprehension quizzes and activities. Available as a site based or classroom based purchase.

Basic Questions

What is Raz-Kids?

Raz-Kids is a teaching product that provides comprehensive leveled reading resources for students.  It includes over 800 English and Spanish language eBooks that are accessible anywhere, anytime! For more detailed information click here

How do my students and I log into Raz-Kids?

It depends on your situation. Logins can be handled directly through the Raz-Kids app in Clever. Or, in most cases a teacher or administrator will supply you with the necessary credentials to login directly to the Raz-Kids website.

How do I add my students to Raz-Kids?

Once  you are logged in on Raz-Kids.com, click the Manage Students dropdown and select Add Students. This will bring you to a Student Management dashboard where you can input the student's information and select a password image that they use to access their Raz-Kids page.  

How do I change the reading level for my students?

You'll want to login on your teacher account at kidsa-z.com. This will bring you to the Student Management dashboard page. Select the My Classroom dropdown and select Class Roster. In the Classroom Roster page, select the Raz-Kids tab that is situated next to the General tab. This will bring up your roster of students. Select the dropdown under Level Up Assignment and you will be able to choose the student's reading level. 

What's the difference between "Reading Room" and "Level Up"?

The Reading Room is your student's personalized eBook room! It includes different categories like Spanish language eBooks, Fiction and even Poems and Songs. All tailored to the reading level you have set for them.

Level Up is where a student sees all of their assigned tasks. This will show them the books they need to read as well as their progress on completing the associated tasks for those books. They'll have to listen to the book, read the book and then take the reading comprehension quiz at the end to complete a task. There is a completion bar at the top of the page that will show the student how many tasks remain in order to move onto the next reading level. 

What is the "Star Zone"?

The Star Zone is where you can spend all the stars you've earned by completing tasks! You can create a custom avatar, build a Raz Rocket, or save up and donate them to buy a meal for a family in need!

Setup and Login - Site-Based or Individual Licenses

How do students access Raz-Kids?

Students can access Raz Kids on any computer or mobile device. On a computer they will simply go to Raz-Kids.com, click the Kids Login button at the top and enter the credentials provided by their teacher or administrator. On a mobile device, download the Raz-Kids app, open it and you'll login just like you did on a computer. 

How do teachers access Raz-Kids?

Teachers can access Raz Kids on their computer or mobile device as well. On a computer go to Raz-Kids.com, click the Member Login option near the top of the page. Enter your credentials and it will bring you to the Raz-Kids dashboard. From there you can manage your roster and view the weekly analytics on how your students are doing.