Admin Assistant 


Who Should Participate

Onboarding Process

Supporting technology distribution and outreach at your school site is voluntary.   Those that are participating will receive a stipend.  These onboarding activities will help you perform the required tasks.  To complete the onboarding process you will need to do the following:

Schedule 1:1 Tech Support


Processes are being updated!   Emails will be sent out with any important changes and information and resource documents will be modified to reflect current practices.


Using the Tech Access Dashboard to View Checkout Data (doc updated 8/7/23)

Navigating Tech Access Dashboard to Reconcile Assigned Devices (video updated 1/22/24)

We will only be distributing to students who meet the following 2 requirements: 

Manifests with a list of students receiving devices for that week will be provided the week of.  Lists are alphabetical by school and view-only.   There are two tabs: Chromebooks and Hotspots. All manifests can be found in the Device Distribution Schedule.

The guide has been updated for the 2023-2024 school year.

Activity 3: Device Collection (30 min)

Check for Understanding


Common Forms

Device Pick-Up Form (OUSD)- Duplicate/extra district-loaned Chromebooks and/or hotspots

Device Pick-Up Request (Tech Exchange)- Leftover undistributed permanent #OaklandUndivided Chromebooks from 2020-2022

Access to Tableau Dashboards- Complete if you do not have access to the Tech Access Dashboard

Onboarding Slide Decks

Activity 1: Overview of Admin Opportunity

Activity 2: Device Distribution

Activity 3: Device Collection

Reference Materials

Clerical One-Pager Cheat Sheet

Intro Letter/Reminders for Site Admins

OUSD Offsite Loan Agreement (multiple languages)- Print and hand out with loaner devices (does not require signature)

Admin Opportunity Presentation 8.1.22