5th Grade  -  OUSD Social Studies Curriculum on Newsela

OUSD 5th graders use Newsela to access our custom Social Studies curriculum that focuses on U.S. History. This online curriculum is aligned to California Common Core state standards, and consists of individual articles that are adjusted to each student's reading level. Students and teachers can access Newsela through Clever. To provide feedback on the Social Studies curriculum on Newsela, click here.


Indigenous Lands

Chapter 1

The Land and People Pre-Contact

Chapter 2

Age of Exploration

Chapter 3

Cooperation and Conflict in North America


Colonial America

Chapter 4

Settling the Colonies

Chapter 5

The Road to War

Chapter 6

The American Revolution


The U.S. Forms and Expands

Chapter 7

Development and Significance of U.S. Constitution

Chapter 8

Life in the Young Republic

Chapter 9

The New Nation’s Westward Expansion

5th Grade Social Studies - Scope and Sequence
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