ST Math

ST Math is a game-based, standards-aligned platform for K-8 math instruction. This program is a favorite of OUSD teachers and students because of its ease of use, effectiveness, and its use of visual, non-verbal instruction to teach math concepts.

How does ST Math work?

ST Math teaches math through a series of standards-aligned games. Each game is a puzzle in which the player must help the Jiji the penguin cross the screen. Because there is basically no language in ST Math, the platform is a great fit for English Language Learners. Teachers have also found that ST Math works well for intervention, and for students who struggle with math concepts. Play some sample puzzles to learn more.

How can I learn to use ST Math?

We held a webinar on April 14th.

Find other ST Math webinars, as well as view previous recordings at

How can I help students and families use ST Math at home?

You can share How to Access ST Math at Home (English and Spanish).

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