Science activities and videos (K-8)

FOSS Responds to COVID-19 School Closures

FOSS is updating its website weekly to support teachers and administrators in keeping science in their students' lives. Go to FOSSweb and take a look at:

  • COVID-19 Updates Page

  • Weekly Home/School Connections - updated every Friday

  • The Everyday Outside Challenge, click HERE

  • A downloadable guide to teaching FOSS Science during the COVID-19 school closures, click HERE

Monday 4/20, 11 am: FOSSWeb and Distance Learning

Zoom Link:

Join us to learn more about FOSS resources to support distance learning and to share ideas with colleagues. FOSS Home/School Connection Center provides easy access to regularly updated resources to support learning at home during this COVID19 time--including learning activities for students with limited access to technology.

Assigning Content to Classes in FOSSWeb