Google Classroom to Aeries Integration

*in BETA*

We are currently working on creating an easy-to-use guide for getting Google Classroom to Aeries Integration running. This can be an incredible time saver for teachers wanting to update rosters, transfer assignments, or help students and parents easily view their grades. We have a FAQ document set up as well as an excellent video to help you get started. Please note: this is currently only supported for secondary schools.

Google Classroom to Aeries Gradebook Integration Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Google Classroom to Aeries Gradebook Integration?

A: The integration is an optional setup you can do to allow Google Classroom to talk to Aeries Gradebook and vice-versa. The nightly integration will send updated rosters from Aeries to GC, and assignment scores will go from GC to Aeries. (Current Aeries settings listed at the bottom)

Q: How can this help me as a teacher?

A: The integration can help teachers avoid double entry between both programs. It allows for easy transfer of your Google Classroom assignments to your Aeries gradebooks; saving you time, and helping your students view their grades in a more timely manner.

Q: What are the steps to set up the integration?

A: Here are the steps to follow …

  1. Upon logging in to your Aeries account, you will be taken to your home page.

  2. From your home page, under the Class Summary section you’ll want to click Add Website. Under this new dialog box, you’ll see the option to Create a new classroom or use the Link button to link your current Google Classroom.

  3. Under the Link to an existing Google Classroom dialog box, select the Google Classroom you want to link to.

  4. You can continue using the Add Website button to integrate all of your Google Classrooms.

  5. Once all your classes are linked, you can simply click the Visit Website button under the Class Summary section to see your classrooms.

Q: Are there any video tutorials?

A: Yes!

Q: Why are my scores and percentages off in Aeries Gradebook?

A: Categories must be set up in both Google Classroom and Aeries Gradebook. The categories do not sync.

Q: Why am I getting duplicate assignments in Aeries Gradebook?

A: The duplicate assignment is the one coming from Google Classroom each night once the link is created. It is suggested that all data be entered into this assignment in Google Classroom, and then remove the pre-existing assignment from Aeries Gradebook. Google Classroom should become the primary source of all assignment and score data once the link is set up.

Q: Why does Google Classroom show missing assignments, but Aeries Gradebook does not?

A: The assignment must be marked as complete in Aeries Gradebook for the zero scores to be shown. (Note: marking an assignment as complete will stop the syncing of scores. Workaround: Remove the marked as complete at the end of the term to allow the scores to do one final sync)